Welcome to the website of Company A, 19th Indiana Infantry Volunteers

In 1975 we were one of the founding units of the ACWS, a group of UK re-enactors  of the American Civil War, with events in the midlands & North of England,  and occasionally in Wales and Scotland. We were formed on the basis that all members of the regiment are equal, having an equal say in how things are run. We are not here to glorify war, but to represent and honour the gallant Iron Brigade, who distinguished themselves wherever they went with the Federal’s Army of the Potomac.
The 19th Indiana is one of the largest & friendliest regiments of the Union Army. We are family orientated & welcome anyone with an interest in the Civil War to our ranks. Male or female, young or old, all have a role to play in the regiment whether it be soldier, musician, medic or civilian.
The camaraderie in the Regiment is strong and you will soon share a growing circle of friends from all walks of life bound together by a common interest in historical
re-enactment. In addition to ACWS events our members attend Range Days, giving members the opportunity to ‘Live Fire’ period weaponry. We also attend militaires and conventions with ACWS recruitment displays, our members often meet socially
and many are involved in activities from period military modelling to period music.


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